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Over 6 billion cellphone users worldwide texting more than 8.3 trillion messages annually prove that SMS is one most influential and efficient messaging tools, and relaying information is easier and fast than was before.

Virtual Numbers

Get a dedicated virtual phone number that clients will use to know you by and use it in your SMS promotions. The number is unique to your account and no one else can send SMS from it. *Available in select countries.

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Enterprise SMS Gateway

smsfeeder's services revolve around efficiency, reliability, and security. Our aim is to develop and operate an innovative mobile communication tool that drives growth and excellent results for our customers.

All Industries Supported

Use smsfeeder to improve interactions with clients, grow their interaction with your brand, and improve your consumer reach. We support all businesses and organizations. Jump on board and enjoy the benefits SMS marketing has to offer.


Improve your revenues, customer base, and build your loyalty programs with our SMS marketing solution.

Marketing And Promotions

Find out how integrating SMS into your marketing strategy will help your business thrive.

Tourism and Travel

Keep your clients updated with offers, reservation status/confirmation and travel info.

Banking & Finance

Use smsfeeder for billing updates and keeping customers in the loop of important information.

School & Education

Keep teachers, parents, and students up-to-date.

Real Estate

Use smsfeeder when scheduling inspection reminders, managing rentals properties and broadcasting auction alerts to your prospective buyers.

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Get a free trial of smsfeeder with free credit to test and feel the experience.

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Pay only for successfully delivered outbound SMSs. Inbound SMSs are FREE.

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